New in Switzerland? Start your German course now!

The new job, the family and a German course as well!

You have recently moved to Switzerland and are planning to learn German? Then you should start right now! Do not wait for quieter times. These will not come. Your work and your family will always take up all your time. There will never really be time for you to learn German.

Give priority to studying German

Take the time now and include learning German in your everyday life! Have you already started a course? Well done, now you are on your way and can switch to autopilot. Learning in the course and in everyday life will alternate now. You will practice in real life what you learn in class, and if you make mistakes, your teacher will correct them. So you can be sure that you are learning the right thing.

Not studying German will cause insecurity and dissatisfaction

Many immigrants miss the opportunity to learn German in time. Unexpectedly, many of them find themselves in a language situation that becomes more and more unsatisfactory. Although they understand increasingly more, they do not dare to speak German themselves. The uncertainty and fear of making mistakes are too great.

Progress is difficult to achieve later

After a few years, they often decide to attend a German course after all, in order to make up for what they missed at the beginning. However, most of these attempts fail. Learners make the frustrating experience that they understand the new rules, but that their attempts to apply them fail again and again. Despite hard-working practice they fall back into the old patterns. The language acquired through listening and repetition seems resistant to change. It is like a block of stone that resists the stonemason’s blows. Experts call this phenomenon fossilisation.

There is only one recipe to prevent this from happening: start learning German immediately!

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