A team of qualified and experienced language tutors

EADEO Language School was established by a team of language specialists in 2011. EADEO has expertise in many fields, including language instruction, teaching methods, developing teaching materials and motivating people to learn.

EADEO Language School has a team of 45 language tutors. They are a select group of highly qualified (University or other higher degree.) people with many years of teaching experience. They teach their language with a great deal of passion and continually add to their training.

All language tutors are carefully evaluated by us. We interview each tutor individually in order to assess their methods and linguistic and interpersonal skills. So you can rest assured that your language tutor knows how to help you reach your goals in the shortest possible time.

We choose the perfect tutor for you based on your personal preferences. If you’re not happy with our choice, it’s no problem at all – simply talk to us about it. We will organise a replacement tutor for you as quickly as possible.