Swiss German private lessons Flex

  • Individual COURSE DURATION
  • 1-2 persons GROUP SIZE
  • Beginner to C2 LANGUAGE LEVEL
  • At your place COURSE LOCATION


Our Private Lessons “Flex” are the right choice if you are looking for the advantages of individual language tuition. Learn the new language or brush up your knowledge with your own personal tutor. Be active, chat, ask questions and discuss issues! This is a fun way to learn a language. In addition, you will make rapid progress. For you privately, for your job or the preparation for a certificate.


Our Private Lessons “Flex” offer you the greatest flexibility time-wise. From 2 to 20 lessons per week, twice a week at lunchtime or on Saturdays from 9-12 – we fulfil almost all your wishes. You are on vacation and can’t attend your next session? No problem, cancel it free of charge with 24 hours’ notice and plan your next appointment directly with your teacher.

Do you know your language level? Take our placement test for free and find it out.

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