Individual tuition is the most personal and effective form of learning a language. Topics and learning pace are ideally customised to suit you. The 1-1 situation keeps you constantly active. You learn exactly what you need to. 7 advantages of private lessons at a glance.

  1. You do not have to adapt – neither to the group nor to the tutor. On the contrary, he/she adapts to you.
  2. You speak all the time. Compared to tuition in a group of 8 persons, you will speak 8 times as much in individual tuition.
  3. You choose the topics. In group tuition, the tutor chooses topics in a way that it will suit most.
  4. Your mistakes are corrected and you receive continuous feedback. As you share time with 7 other participants in group tuition, feedback is rare.
  5. You learn at your own pace. In group tuition, the tutor will inevitably adjust the pace to suit the weaker participants.
  6. You make rapid progress, as conditions (motivation, access to language etc.) are ideal.
  7. Individual tuition is attractively priced if one takes into account the x times increased speaking time, the tuition that has been customised to suit your personal interests and the rapid progress made.